About SpiderTest

I do a lot of search engine optimization on websites, and talk to many other web developers about it. We agreed that it would be very helpful to have a tool that you could use to tell what is wrong with a Web site's optimization.

That's what SpiderTest does.

When you put the address of your Web page in the box and click 'Check' SpiderTest reads your Web page, just like the spiders of search engines like Google do. It then runs your page through various tests and will give you a report about what needs to be fixed.

Although the search engines change what they like all of the time, these tests cover the core of having a Web page that's easy for spiders to read.

For a page that is good for humans to read, you'll have to make sure your content is what people are searching for - and, just as important, it obeys the rules of good copywriting and marketing strategy. That's the domain of David Rosam, my colleague at Web Positioning Centre.

Suggestions and bugs

If you have a problem with SpiderTest, or a suggestion about another test it could do, please e-mail me at:


Paul Silver